organization theory

Unpacking party organizations

The internal dynamics of political parties were a central concern for the founders of both organization theory and political sociology, yet contemporary research tends to neglect the importance and value of studying these electoral machines from a truly organizational point of view. The present issue seeks to remedy this shortcoming by allowing curious and creative scholars to reimagine what it might mean for organization scholars and activists alike to engage actively with political parties.

Céline and the aesthetics of hyperbole: Style, points, parataxis and other literary devices


I am not a man of messages, I am not a man of ideas, I am a man of style.
Céline (2003:10)

Peut-être Céline demeurera seul de nous tous.
Jean-Paul Sartre, in 1946


Hast du Verstand und ein Herz,
so zeige nur eines von beiden,
Beides verdammen Sie dir,
zeigest Du beides zugleich
Friedrich Hölderlin


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