Writing: Labour

volume 5, number 1
February, 2005
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From debates about the contribution of labour process analysis to the understanding of emancipatory struggles in organization, through to a treatise on the England national football team as a maternal ‘breast’ that turns spectators into consumers who begin to resemble new forms of labour, ephemera 5.1 assembles a series of apparently disconnected studies. In appearance only, because there is a multitude of ways of reading, extending, and connecting with these pieces that may build temporary alliances and heterotopia/utopias that give vent and courage to further acts of experimentation and liberation. We call this ‘writing:labour’ because we see writing as possible forms of praxis...

Writing:labour comes in many forms and there are many transversal possibilities of connection across this collection of papers. Draw your own map, assemble your own coordinates. Labour is struggle, always in process. On the horizon of our thought and being we can perhaps glimpse what Agamben calls here the ‘coming community’. Some workers may still make cars. Others may drive them to football matches. Yet others cause them to burn, torch them in celebration or anger, as a life-affirming, life- advancing gesture, or in ecstatic rage and ressentiment. One thing is clear: things have a way of getting out of hand.