An unfinished lexicon for autonomous publishing


The unfinished lexicon for autonomous publishing explores the spaces, relations, and interdependencies that can be produced by recognising publishing as a precarious, collective and distributed activity. Our web-based lexicon brings together practitioners and theorists across disciplines who are engaging with publishing as an emancipatory practice, to share verbs and contributions to an evolving library that delineate their approach. Through this experimental assemblage we seek to map out a constellation that enables open-ended stories, and operates to ‘hold together with others,’ across different scales and temporalities (Kelleher, 2015). The lexicon does not offer fixed or final definitions; in hosting these in a virtual space, we seek to enable non-linear readings and multiple adjacencies. This article introduces the lexicon, and three initial entries, from the fields of architecture, performance, and fine art. We invite guest contributions to our emerging web project,, which we will launch later this year. 


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