Andrea Fumagalli

Andrea Fumagalli (1959) is a Professor of Economics at the University of Pavia. His research activity deals with income distribution (especially basic income proposal), labour precariousness and the transformations of contemporary capitalism. Among his recent publications: Lavoro, Nuovo e vecchio sfruttamento, Ed. Punto Rosso, Milano, 2006; Bioeconomia e capitalismo cognitivo, Rome: Carocci, 2007; Crisis in the Global Economy. Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios (with Sandro Mezzadra), MA, USA: MIT Press, 2010; Cognitive Capitalism and its Reflections in South-Eastern Europe, London: Peter Lang Publishing, 2010 (with Vladimir Cvijanović and Carlo Vercellone); and ‘Basic Income and Productivity in Cognitive Capitalism’, in Review of Social Economics, 2008 (con Stefano.Lucarelli). He is vice-president of Bin-Italia (Basic Income Network) and a member of the executive committee of Bien (Basic Income Earth Network). He is one of the organizers of the MayDay Parade in Milano and is also active in the UniNomade Network.

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