Towards a politics of dis/organization: Relations of dis/order in organization theory and practice

[T]he work of organization is focused upon transforming an intrinsically ambiguous condition into one that is ordered so that organization as a process is constantly bound up with its contrary state of disorganization. (Cooper, 1986: 305)

[T]he undecidable can only become decidable through the practice of power and ‘violence’ (Cooper, 1986: 324)

Matters of dis/order and dis/organization

This issue takes up the role of disorganization and the relations between order and disorder in organization studies and everyday life. Rather than juxtapositioning these features as oppositions, the issue explores how to understand other aspects of the often unwanted and dark sides of disorganization and disorder - by scrutinising how they are entangled and mutually constitutive to organization practice and theory.

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