Beyond measure

The numbered 

Beyond measure

This special issue explores questions around measurement in relation to management, organization, and politics - that is, how processes quantification intervene in our lives, sideline other modes of judgement, and lead us astray with a trail of numbers. Numbers reveal, but they also hide; they tell us who we are, but also who we ought to become; they show us how happy and healthy we are, but also urge us to adjust ourselves to the norm. Numbers manage us and we, in turn, manage ourselves through numbers.

1 Jun 2017 to 2 Jun 2017


Measurement is a central task of capitalist organization. From the days of the industrial factory, when labour first came to be measured in hours, through to the time-motion studies under Taylorist regimes, measurement has involved the optimization of surplus value extraction from labour. During the 20th century, these techniques of measurement were complemented by more intrusive forms of quantification such as the use of psychological testing in the human relations school.... more

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