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30 Apr 2016
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Issue Editors: Justine Grønbæk Pors, Lena Olaison and Birke Otto

Ghosts ‘are a ubiquitous aspect of the phenomenology of place’, ‘ineffable and quasi-mystical’ dimensions which emerge in encounters with the material, the mediated, the sensual and the affectual. (Edensor, 2008: 331)

This call for papers asks how organization scholars (in the broadest sense) can relate to the disorderly, the unexplainable, the uncanny qualities of organizational life through the concepts of the ghost and of ghostly matters (a term coined by Gordon, 1997). The ghostly may be ‘absent-presences’ that haunt, disrupt, distort, trouble, and bother the smooth functioning of work life. Or, it may be benign spirits who enchant, charm, entice, fascinate or enamour organisational members. The ghostly may be found in the unexplainable continuous influence of a dead founder of an enterprise, or in everyday rituals and routines meant to evoke or please organizational spirit(s). The ghostly can... more

After organization studies

One sometimes wonders if there is something pathological in the mind of the child who, on finding a small dead animal by the side of the road cannot resist turning the corpse over (with a stick usually – children do know their limits) in order that they can better ‘pick over’ the remains. They uncover the rancid carcass, prod at the bits that are not totally decomposed, peer with intrigue at the maggots that wriggle through the dead body, eating out every last scrap of stinking meat and imagine what might have happened and what is still to come.

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