América Latina / Latin America

volume 6, number 3
August, 2006
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The aim of this special issue is to inform readers across the globe about the organization of the ongoing struggles and resistances and the tensions lived and experienced by so many Latin Americans. By doing this, this special issue intends to move away from over-generalizations about Latin America into unexplored areas in which the emergence of these movements reflects the continuing struggles for liberation. We also aim to consider the political context and the always present threat of internal repression and external intervention. Still, we do not intend to present a naïve mono-voice and an over-optimistic view of the intensity of movements throughout the continent. 

In sum, we want this issue to be a catapult for interest in how Latin Americans are dealing with these issues; coping, organizing resistance, providing alternatives and opening new forums. We think this will mark an important contribution into the way other individuals and groups decide to do research and write about these organizations. We also think that it may provide a space for mutual recognition for those working in isolation inside Latin America and for all of us, no matter where we are, interested in contributing to the practice of organizing struggle and resistance.