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Self-realization demands in and out of the office

‘I’m so glad you’re fake!’: Simulacra slapstick and the limits of the real

This show features stunts performed by professionals and/or total idiots. In either case, MTV suggests that neither you or [sic] any of your dumb little buddies attempt the dangerous crap in this show. (Jackass, 2000)

‘Come on, get happy!’: Exploring absurdity and sites of alternate ordering in Twin Peaks


I think humor is like electricity. You work with it but you don’t understand how it works. It’s an enigma. (Lynch in Murray, 1992/2009: 144)

Corruption: Multiple margins and mediatized transgression

[…] the limits set by civilization can dictate the conditions without which it could not exist. But it is enough for it to dictate them rather often. If the situation appears clear, it is as if the limits were there to be transgressed. (Bataille, 1991: 220)


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